Yishu Xue

Yishu Xue

Data Scientist / Coder / Novice Sprinter / Gym Enthusiast

Google Inc.


Hello, I am Yishu Xue, Ph.D. in Statistics and a data science passionate. I love data and programming. They together help us find the truths about the world. I am also interested in anthropology, foreign languages, aviation, and photography. I find playing with the computer interesting, too. I have been doing weight training and getting into running for the last six months. My Strava running badge is included here as a minor motivator to keep me moving more.

I like cats a lot. I have a seal lynx mitted ragdoll girl named Adira, though I most often call her “猛虎”, which reads měng hǔ, and means “tiger” in Chinese. She was born on 04/20/2019 in Middletown, PA. She brings a lot of happiness to my life. Seeing her grow up gives me huge sense of accomplishment, perhaps more than finishing a paper.



tidyverse + MCMC + survival analysis


Pandas + NumPy + Plotly + Dash

Machine/Deep Learning

Tensorflow + PyTorch + Scikit-learn + XGBoost


version control + website building


bash + distributed computing


MySQL + database design


Senior Quantitative Analyst
Nov 2023 – Present San Bruno, CA
Quantitative Analyst
Jul 2021 – Oct 2023 San Bruno, CA
Data Scientist, Data Science Leadership Development Program
Travelers Insurance
Jul 2019 – Jul 2021 Hartford, CT

Recent Publications

  • Refereed Journal Publications
    Hu, G., Geng, J., Xue, Y., and Sang, H. (2022+) Bayesian Spatial Homogeneity Pursuit of Functional Data: an Application to the U.S. Income Distribution. Bayesian Analysis, Forthcoming (arXiv)
    Hu, G., Yang, H.-C., Xue, Y.*, and Dey, D.K. (2022+) Zero Inflated Poisson Model with Clustered Regression Coefficients: an Application to Heterogeneity Learning of Field Goal Attempts of Professional Basketball. Canadian Journal of Statstics, Forthcoming (Journal Website, arXiv)
    Hu, G., Xue, Y., and Ma, Z. (2021+) Bayesian Clustered Coefficients Regression with Auxiliary Covariates Assistant Random Effects. Statistical Modelling, Forthcoming ( Journal Website, arXiv, GitHub)
    Yang, H.-C.+, Xue, Y.+, Liu, Q., Pan, Y. and Hu, G. (2021+) Time Fusion Coefficient SIR Model with Application to COVID-19 Epidemic in the United States. Journal of Applied Statistics, special issue "Statistical Perspectives on Analytics for COVID-19 Data", Forthcoming (Journal Website, arXiv, Supplemental Code)
    Xue, Y., and Hu, G. (2021). Online Updating of Information Based Model Selection in the Big Data Setting. Communications in Statistics – Simulation and Computation 50(11), 3516-3529 (Journal Website)
    Yang, H.-C., Geng. L., Xue, Y.*, and Hu, G. (2022) Spatial Weibull Regression with Multivariate Log Gamma Process and Its Applications to China Earthquake Economic Loss. Statistics and Its Interface 15(1), 29-38 (Journal Website, arXiv)
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    Hu, G., Yang, H.C., Xue, Y.. (2020) Bayesian Group Learning for Shot Selection of Professional Basketball Players. Stat 10(1), e324 (Journal Website, arXiv)
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    Xue, Y., Wang, H., Yan, J, and Schifano, E.D. (2020). An Online Updating Approach for Testing the Proportional Hazards Assumption with Streams of Survival Data. Biometrics, 76(1), 171-182 (ENAR 2019 Distinguished Student Paper Award, Journal Website, arXiv, GitHub)
    Xue, Y., Harel, O., and Aseltine, R.H. (2019). Imputing Race and Ethnic Information in Administrative Health Data. Health Services Research 54(4), 957–963. (Journal Website)
    Ma, Z., Xue, Y., and Hu, G. (2019). Nonparametric Analysis of Income Distributions Among Different Regions Based on Energy Distance with Applications to China Health and Nutrition Survey Data. Communications for Statistical Applications and Methods 26(1), 57–67. (Journal Website)
    Xue, Y. and Schifano, E.D. (2017). Diagnostics for the Cox Model. Communications for Statistical Applications and Methods 24(6), 583–604. (Journal Website)

  • Refereed Conference Publications
    Geng, L., Xue, Y. and Hu, G. Subsampled Information Criteria for Bayesian Model Selection in the Big Data Setting. Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Big Data, 2019 (IEEE Website)

  • + equal contribution; * corresponding author