Little Good Things in Life

Today something good happened in my life. I will share more when it is appropriate. Overall I am exhausted, having worked hard for a while…but also really happy.

Tiger’s birthday is coming up! This princess is going to be two years old. Her meowjesty is almost a fully grown adult cat now. She is less active compared to when she was a kitten (and I miss the little sweetheart of 3 lbs), but has the charm of an adult cat’s glory.

I am thankful that I have many people to share the good news with, and I truly hope to see them soon when the pandemic ends.

Also what makes me feel better is I got my first dose of Pfizer vaccine with no serious side effects. Interestingly, I was interviewed after receiving the shot (they somehow thought I was a UConn student…), and the video can be found here.

Update 07/18/2021

The good news that I held for a while before sharing is now public - I got an offer from Google for the position of Data Scientist. I took a lot of time to say goodbye to my colleagues in Travelers. The folks were incredibly nice, expressed understanding of my choice, and wished me good luck in California. I also felt lucky that people shared their vulnerabilities with me, which was a beautiful thing in life. Something I remember from the last team building before I left: an immigrant coworker mentioned her favorite place to go is Niagra falls, and the reason is, this is the first tourist spot she visited within one week of coming to the United States, and she described it as ‘mesmerizing’. The other coworker mentioned a photo of the earth, taken from the moon. He as a boy was amazed by the fact that there is human on the moon, and now he is in the country that sent its astronauts to the moon. These sharings are precious to me. I will always remember the kindness I received.

And my first week in Google was absolutely interesting and at the same time tiring…Google is a documentation-heavy company, which is a good thing as you will not get lost, but also means you have a million (an exaggeration) documents to read before you can really do anything. Hopefully things can be set up fairly soon for me and I can feel useful soon.

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Yishu Xue
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