Weekly Challenges

Since I moved to California I have been doing more sports - started training with my coach (his YT channel), went hiking to several nice trails in Belmont, and invested more in running (timewise and moneywise).

And the result is - I lost ~10 lbs of weight in half a year! Now I feel in control of my weight, and the feeling is so empowering that I want to continue to maintain an active lifestyle. Recently I have been trying to add more challenging and rewarding pieces to life. And here comes the idea of doing weekly challenges.

I have done two weekly challenges so far. I will try to update this post when I have done more. If you have suggestions, please contact me. If we are close enough, I am pretty sure you know how to 😉.

04/25–05/01Running for 2 miles per day
05/02–05/08Doing 1 hinge health PT playlist for my neck
05/09–05/15Doing 40 burpees, and play with Tiger without doing anything else for at least 10 minutes❌..turned out 40 burpees per day was too much for me; but I did other workouts!
05/16-05/22Play Just Dance for 20 minutes per day (on average), and learn a new song!
Yishu Xue
Yishu Xue
Data Scientist / Coder / Novice Sprinter / Gym Enthusiast

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